Stitching/Embroidering Eyes with Eyelids

Back stitch across top of eye, just above french knot, use 5-6 stitches. 
After stitches are finished, add a vertical back stitch to hold lid in place. 
With single ply of black yarn, add one back stitch under lid, going across eye, extending a pass eye lid. 
Add a tiny vertical back stitch to the inside corner of eye lid to hold stitch in place. With single ply of white, add a tiny stitch in center of eyes and back stitch a single line across 2-3 stitch on top of nose. 

Bring needle up from bottom of head right next to corner of eye, move needle across to the other side of the eye (slanting downward just a little).

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Assembling Huggy/Lovey Blankets

Stitching/Embroidering Eyes

Adding Eyeliner & Lashes

So Cute Baby Shirt

Make two french knots about 1 row up from nose with 4-5 single crochet stitches between eyes. 
Using white (1-2 plies of separated yarn), back stitch 3-4 stitches as close to outside of eye as possible. Make stitches about 1 row long. Next add 1 stitch of white as close to inside of eye as possible, catching a little of the black french knot to hold it in place don't worry if stitches are not the exact same length of each other, the eyelid will help hide little flaws. 

Using ending yarn tail from lid, thread tapestry needle, sew eyelids just over French knot (at a slight angle,using tiny whip stitches), sew sides and top of lid, leave bottom un-sewn.  With 2 plies of black yarn, back stitch 1 line across bottom of eyelid, extending stitch just slightly pass lid. Add a tiny vertical back stitch to inside of eye to hold stitch in place.

After finishing the head, sew the muzzle in the center of the face about 2 rounds up from the bottom of the head, next sew the nose with tiny whip stitches (shaping as you go) to the top center of the muzzle, so that the top of the nose just covers the top of the muzzle. Next decide where you would like your eyes. Stuff the head, but do not close (this will help you decide where the eyes should go).  Insert the stem of the safety eyes into pieces of felt (like indicated in the notes section) and then move them around in several different spots to see where you like them best. The sample bunny's eyes were placed 2 rounds up from top of muzzle with 5 single crochet stitches between them. Once you decide where you like them, remove the stuff, secure the eyes and then re-stuff. Close the head. Next work on the neck, stuff and close the next and then sew the center of the bunny's head to the top of the neck also using tiny whip stitches, going around several times to make sure the head is securely attached. After this you will sew the head and neck to the center of the blanket, again using tiny whip stitches going from the neck to the blanket around, several times. Again making sure it is secure and that the blanket doesn't bunch up. Add collar.